A True Independent Scotland is dedicated to promoting independence for Scotland, but not just independence from Westminster, but independence from all the corrupt and undemocratic organisations and institutions controlled and operated by establishment and corporate elites for their own self interest and the suppression of true freedom.

A True Independent Scotland  aims to try and bring truth and clarity to our fellow citizens of Scotland and further afield, to expose the truth and the reality about what is really going on around us, free from corporate spin and political punditry. For too long we have been spoon fed outdated and corrupt politics and propagandised news, coerced and distracted by a compromised mainstream media.

We believe it is everyone’s responsibility in this information age to look beyond the mainstream propaganda and find the truth for themselves.

The referendum ushered in the rebirth of a nation, a new vibrant, self-assured, politically aware and socially just nation; a nation that is enthusiastic and willing to play its role in shaping and delivering Democracy 2.0, led by you, the people… and we will to be there with you, reporting, participating and commenting every step of the way.