15 bits of kit to make you want to run an ultra

Tackling an ultra marathon this year? Making the right decision on what kit to use is important not only for your enjoyment of the experience, but also potentially the difference between finishing or falling short of achieving this extraordinary goal. Ultra running athlete and journalist Fergus Scholes gives us the rundown of his best ultra running gear picks, having just road tested them on the gruelling 280km, six-day Trans Atlas Ultra Marathon.

1. Ultimate Direction AK Mountain Vest 3.0

Cost: £140

A versatile and super lightweight option (330g), this pack ticks all the minimalist boxes yet still offers up a whopping 11.5L of storage with great comfort and fit. There’s a multitude of pockets and pouches, most notably on the front where you find two good-sized bottle holsters (500ml each) positioned higher up to avoid annoying movement as you run. There’s also plenty of room for your iPhone, bars and gels, head torch, buff etc. Expandable pockets on the side are a handy extra for a variety of items.